The flow of public water into and out of our homes and businesses is something many consumers take for granted. Around the world the availability of fresh clean drinking water and outgoing waste water is a fundamental pillar of modern civilization. Our society depends on water each and every day and you can depend on ISI to work with you to keep the water flowing in your community.

Infrastructure Systems Inc. works closely with public utilities, city/state governments and private businesses to design and implement a wide range of infrastructure projects.

Infrastructure Systems Inc. is a general contractor with two primary divisions:

  • Utilities Division - Assist you with the construction and management of all phases of water and sewer installation and repairs.
  • Building Division - Commercial building construction

To discuss your upcoming development or repair project contact Infrastructure Systems Inc. for more information. Infrastructure Systems Inc. also provides customers with a 24 hour emergency services phone number in addition to maintaining Monday-Friday 8am-5pm office hours.

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